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 What our competition doesn't want you to know is that 90% of drain stoppages can be cleaned with a standard drain-cleaning machine. Unlike our competitors, who bring in specialized plumbers with over-stocked trucks to clean a drain, we have expert technicians whose primary training is drain cleaning.

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Drain and Sewer Cleaning Phoenix
With our prices and level of service, We have been voted #1 drain cleaning company in Phoenix. We can't be beat. $49.50 THATS IT !

Kitchen Drain Clogs
When your kitchen drain is clogged, Usually because of grease, soap, fat or detergent build up on the inner walls of the 2" drain pipe. Our Phoenix Drain Cleaners have six different pieces of equipment to solve the problem.

Clogged Toilet Drain
When it comes to Clogged toilets in Phoenix, We find that a small child is often the culprit. Kids love flushing things down the toilet. We can unclog most toilets with a standard toilet auger and remove the object obstructing the line. In some cases we may have to remove the toilet from the floor and remove the obstruction by hand.

Main Sewer Drain
As you already know, your home’s main sewer line is the largest drain in your house. All the house drains from the kitchen, bathrooms, utility room and garage sink all lead to the main sewer line in Phoenix. This sewer line runs underground from the house and connects to the Phoenix sewer line or your own septic tank Typically tree roots penetrate pipe joints and slowly plug the line. you need the services of a professional Phoenix plumber like Phoenix Plumbing and drain cleaning service.