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You as a client need to ask what type of hydro-jetting machine will be used!!!

Many Phoenix Jetting service contractors will use small "cart jetters". These machines are mounted on a little cart and are small enough to be carried around inside a van. These machines are designed for use on smaller 2 to 3 inch lines and are not adequate for cleaning larger 4, 6 and 8 inch diameter lines. They can not deliver the volume of water needed to flush the loosened debris out of the line. The volume of water is the most important part of the process.

Most Phoenix jetting companies use small machines because it allows them to offer jetting services with little investment and the majority of customers have no idea that there is even a difference in the quality of service. Customers just naturally assume that jetting is jetting, not true.

We Use a full size trailer-towed hydro-jetters.

These are $45,000 machines powered by a 50 horsepower diesel engine. If the $2,500.00 cart jetter was able to approach the effectiveness of the $45,000 pump, we wouldn't be spending $45,000 on each of our machines

Full size U.S. Jetter: 4,000 psi @ 18 gallons per minute.
Cart jetter: 3,000 psi @ 4 gallons per minute.

We specialize in jetting sewers and drains and this is our baby.

Our industry is full of Plumbing contractors in Phoenix willing to do as little as possible and run with their money. We are not one of them. We want your repeat business and we want to be your plumber for life.

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